Star Spinner Valve Caps

About Dust Caps
Dust Caps (also known as 'air valve caps', 'tire valve caps', and 'wheel valve caps') are the small, screw-on caps that cover tire air valves. Dust caps prevent dust or other small particles from entering the valve and damaging it. The dust cap also forms a pressure seal, helping to prevent deflation of the tire due to slight gas (air) seepage past the tire valve.

Although it is obvious that dust caps do a vital job, we have developed different styles of dust caps in the shape of spinner alloy wheels, which will give your car a superb sporty look. Currently we have four different style of Chrome Spinner valve ( dust ) caps in the shape of alloy wheels. This is a MUST-HAVE accessory to go along with your alloy wheel and tires. These are plastic chrome plated caps , plastic insert prevents it from corroding


Cap Types

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