What are Staggered Wheels ?


April 1st, 2014

What are Staggered Wheels ?

What are Staggered Wheels ?
Staggered wheels refers to an arrangement of wheels on cars, trucks & other vehicles in which the pair of wheels on one end of the vehicle are a different size or shape than the wheels on the other end. Usually, this means the back wheels are larger than the front wheels, often a couple inches wider across the tread or larger in diameter. 

This is done for practical and aesthetic reasons. Although larger rear tires (also called a staggered fitment or a staggered application) can help vehicles move over uneven ground, they also affect the build and frame design of the car, making it look sleeker or more powerful.
H 312 from HRS Taiwan is available with staggered fitment.
Front wheels : 18” * 8.0
Rear wheels : 18” * 9.0
Finish available : Black color with diamond lip , Hyper silver color with diamond lip
Suitable for : Audi , Mercedes , Jetta , Passat , Laura , Superb , Yeti , Fluence , New Octavia
Available only at SAI MAG WHEELS, House of Alloy Wheels. Largest stockiest of Alloy wheels in India. 

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