Alloy Wheels Uses


March 26th, 2011

Alloy Wheels Uses

Alloy wheels, also known as rims, have come as a pleasant change to the conventional steel wheels. Made from the alloys of aluminum and magnesium these have gained popularity due to their weight and style. These incorporate various features like lighter weight, better heat conduction and nicer visual appeal and a greater weight to strength ratio. They offer several advantages over their steel counterparts which make them very useful.

Better car suspension by easing the load and help to get better grip even on rugged roads and uneven terrains.

Reducing fuel consumption because they are lighter in weight and therefore reduce the overall weight of the vehicle further reducing the burden on your pocket.

Lessen the chances of break failure. Alloy wheels have better heat conduction so they do not put much heat on the tiers as well as the breaks.

Better resistance to corrosion which helps in retaining their metallic appeal. These are however subject to galvanic corrosion if proper care is not taken thus resulting in leakage of air from the tiers.

Signify luxury, sportiness and wealth. These provide a cosmetic appeal to the vehicle and have a better visual appeal. Due to their high cost they are considered as a symbol of luxury.

Strength-Alloy wheels have more strength in spite of being light in weight. These wheels are quite strong in which enables them to be carved in more intricate and sophisticated designs. This may help in giving a greater look to your vehicle.

These are produced using mainly two techniques – casting and forging. Forged wheels are better in their qualitative aspect being lighter and stronger but they are also more expensive. This cost is however one of the major restraining factor in the purchase of alloy wheels. They are much more expensive than the steel wheels both in terms of production cost and purchasing cost.

Therefore, they are not included as standard equipment in vehicles. They are however available as optional add-ons. Certain special package purchases of these can also be made according to the suitability. Since different alloys are specialized to perform different tasks choosing the right type for your vehicle is an important task. So, a great substitute of the traditional standard wheels is available which may cost slightly more but is surely to pay you back with its quality and appeal.

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