Alloy Wheels help improve car performance


March 26th, 2011

Alloy Wheels help improve car performance

With the omnipresent impact of technologies the car industry has also seen some innovative changes. Big car manufacturing companies like Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Hyundai and Honda motors are using alloy wheels which have emerged as great substitutes of the age old, traditional steel wheels. Being made of alloys of light weight metals like aluminum and magnesium they are themselves quite light. Their use has increased considerably in the Indian markets as well as international which can be attributed to their ability to help improve the performance of cars.

Starting with the light weight they help in reducing the overall car weight which leads to higher fuel efficiency. Since the burden is reduced it makes it easy to handle the car and drive it in uneven terrains thus providing efficiency to the driver. Their light weight helps them move quickly and make them agile, thus increasing the speed of the car. These have introduced a new trend of customization in cars and other vehicles wherein the car owners can customize their cars by fitting in these wheels and also car manufacturers who can fit them in top end variants of their car models.

Alloy wheels are good heat conductors and therefore help in reducing excessive heat generation avoiding any pressure on the brakes. Due to effective heat conduction the chances of a break failure in your vehicle are reduced to minimal. This also helps in reducing the pressure on the car engine. Another advantageous feature of these wheels is their strength. They are quite strong and provide greater shock resistance on rough roads thus ensuring a safe ride. They help in easy steering and provide greater braking.

These wheels are highly durable, if proper care is taken, thus ensuring longer life of your car. Since these are made of aluminum they are rust proof to some extent as aluminum does not rust easily. Therefore proper care needs to be taken otherwise there is a possibility of galvanized rusting. They are quite easy to clean and maintain. Washing them every week to save them from the damage, done by dirt and dust, can be a measure which may help in improving the life of these wheels.

The alloy wheels can be seen as a perfect blend of beauty and performance. They not only help in improving the performance of your car but also provide certain enhanced visual appeal. Thus a great combination of aesthetic beauty and quality is available in the form of alloy wheels which will surely enrich your ‘long - drive experience’.

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